2016 Summer #runtheatl Course Map

***Update 3:32pm on July 6th. Course Map is 100 percent ready. Still double check the night before for any last minute changes. We don’t think there will be, but just in case.

Mile 0-1

Start line
Up the large driveway onto the trail
Make a right on the Westside Beltline Trail


Rat Tunnel right before Mile 1

Mile 1-2
Straight on the trail-no direction change

Mile 2-3
The bridge is almost done (BUT ISN’T) at Mile 2.1 over Martin Luther King Dr.

It looks like you can go right across, as in this photo – BUT YOU CAN’T – The only way down is on a ladder on the other side, that is NOT safe to go down.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.05.21 PM

So, you will have to walk around the construction of the bridge and cross the street that way.

At Mile 2.3, they are in the middle of construction. So step over the yellow and orange plastic barriers and continue onwards. (Stay on dirt and woods-Do NOT change direction by getting on the concrete)

Then Washington Park tennis courts will be on your right

Right after the tennis courts end, at Mile 2.5. Stay to the left. (Do NOT go right towards the playground)

There is a little path you stay on as you bear left and go down a hill. It looks like this.

After you go down that short hill, you’ll come to an open area with some construction.

There is a fence to the left.

Stay close to that fence and it will lead you up to Stratford Street at Mile 2.6

Next at Mile 2.74, Go right on Mobile Street

Take Mobile Street over the Marta Line and then and immediate LEFT onto Mayson Turner Ave at Mile 2.82

Then Left on Joseph E Boone at Mile 2.86 and then IMMEDIATELY cross the street and run across the red and white wooden fence next to a shut down store.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150218 174843

Climb over guard rail and run through some litter covered trail. There is some garbage. Don’t be afraid. It will be over shortly. Stay in the woods a short hop.

You then hit concrete at Mile 2.94 next to “The Wire Apartments”

Evernote Camera Roll 20150328 172732

Short jog past these apartments which end at Mile 3.

Mile 3-4

Turn left at last building then take a quick jog. Now look to your right to get back on the trail on top of some doors to your right.

There has been lots of spring growth so it may not look exactly like this, bust close.

Evernote Snapshot 20150328 173031

Shorly after re-entering this trail, at Mile 3.05, the Marta fence is on your right. Hug that fence and keep going.

At Mile 3.08 you run up a steep, short, hill.

You then come out onto the railroad tracks at Mile 3.10 and go right towards Maddox park. (You will now be following LIVE train tracks for another mile plus)


Next you will come upon Stand By Me Jr. Bridge at Mile 3.23

You may cross this bridge easily. However, there are trains that come through the area. So pay attention.

If you don’t feel safe. You can go down to the street and climb up the other side, it will take longer obviously.

Stand By Me Jr.

You will pass Maddox Park on your right at Mile 3.39 (There may be some locals hanging out there, they are harmless)

Mile 4-5


Hard right at first track after Maddox Park Bridge, it goes under Marietta Blvd.

Right Turn After Maddox Park

Take this all the way until you make a left onto Joseph E. Lowry Blvd at the Atlanta Food Community Bank.
Take this until it ends at King Plow, take a left onto West Marietta Blvd.
Run up West Marietta until you see the liquor store sign and Floren Immigration Attorney
Mile 5-6
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.47.11 PM
 Then look to your right for Angel’s Hole to take you back to the RR tracks.
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.47.26 PM


Walk down over the garbage and what not, down to the tracks.

Cross ALL 6 tracks. The 7th set is the last set before the kudzu. Look to your right, you should see downtown Atlanta.

Go LEFT Instead. It should look like this.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.48.23 PM

Take this and go and it will lead to going under Howell Mill Road.

Mile 6-7


Just after running over Northside Drive, you can easily get off the track to your left. You can see a building called Onyx. Exit there and go right on Northside Drive. There is a Shell gas station less than .1 miles up on the right. Be sure to come back the way you came so you don’t miss any course should you choose to make this stop.

At Mile 7, there are some apartments to the right

Mile 7-8

At Mile 7.29 you will go over the paved Northside Beltline and Ardmore Park, but don’t go down there, stay straight on the tracks.

At mile 7.92, you may pass a sleeping bum as you go under Peachtree Road.

At Mile 8 there are some apartments to your right

Mile 8-9

This is an uneventful mile until you get close to Mile 9, which is a MAJOR course shift

Mile 9-10

You will approach a mini bridge right at Mile 9


Take an immediate right off the tracks and up the hill.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150228 150512

Then left at the top of hill at the yellow post towards Armour Drive. (not back over the bridge you just went under).

Evernote Camera Roll 20150228 150750

This is where the Mile 9 Aid Station Will Be. We guarantee water. There may be additional snacks, but H20, absolutely.

Run along the tracks farthest to the left.

At Mile 9.4. the tracks curve left under the Marta Line and then under I-85 towards the Ansley Golf Course (and eventually Piedmont Park)

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.39.29 PM


At Mile 9.7 Ansley Golf Course is on your right

At Mile 9.97 office chair on the left

Mile 10-11 – Halfway Home

At Mile 10.6, you are at the blue gates which take you to the north side of Piedmont Park.


Amsterdam Walk Shopping Center is on your left at Mile 10.9. Stay straight on the gravel road. Do NOT venture right into Piedmont Park

You can leave the trail and head into Amsterdam Walk and find a restroom or a place to refill water if need be. Be sure to start back where you left the trail as to not miss any part of the course.

Mile 11-12

At Mile 11.5,  You will run into Monroe and 10th. This will be the beginning of the paved (and highly populated) East Side Belt Line. There are several places here to find hydration, nutrition and restrooms.

Mile 12-13

Wave to people. Say hello. Enjoy that you are among the human race again. This is the most people you will see all day along your route.

At Mile 12.13, you will run over Ponce De Leon and hit what is now the bustling Ponce City Market to your right and the world famous “Murder/but they are trying to call it Beltline/but it’s getting torn down anyway Kroger” to your left.

Bathroom and refueling opportunities abound here.

It is also along this section you may several pool parties . It will be half naked people laughing and drinking. Your brain will tell you that you should be there instead. Your mind is not your friend. Your heart knows you are doing exactly what you should be going. Plus deep down those people wish they could be you .

Mile 13-14

Stay on The BeltLine until it ends at Irwin Street at Mile 13.42. 

Icebox is on your immediate left.

Krog Street Market is catty-corner away from you now to the left. This place is also known as The Hipster Apocalypse. Lots of places to stop and bathroom and refuel. (Just don’t say we sent you).

Cross Irwin Street on to some more unpaved BeltLine.
There is a fence and a warning sign here now, but I adjusted the sign so you can go right around it.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.15.17 PM
Run past this dice onto Airline Street, you will make a quick left on Dekalb Ave at Mile 13.87
Very quicky, you will come upon the Krog Street Tunnel, Turn right into The Krog Street Tunnel.
When the tunnel ends, Krog is known as Estoria, and there you will turn LEFT onto Wylie Street at Mile 13.94
Mile 14-15
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.06.13 PM
Travel on Wylie until you take a right back onto The Beltline where a sign says “Stein Steel”.
This is just before Flat Shoals Avenue.
There is a fence there now, but you can easily go around it.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.03.10 PM
You are now at Mile 14.3 and back on The Beltline
More signs and fences that are easy to pass.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.02.42 PM
The trail will take you to Harper Station Restaurant and dead end unto Memorial Drive at Mile 14.7

Stay straight on Bill Kennedy Way. You will be running over Interstate 20.

Also look back and right as you cross the freeway, that’s Atlanta behind you now.
Remember when you went under Interstate 20 at mile 1.5, well you are now you are clear on the “other side of town”
You are now approaching the brand new, but already famous, Glenwood Kroger. You can stop here to refuel on supplies or go to the bathroom.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.12.38 PM
Continue onto Bill Kennedy through downtown Glenwood and it deadends into Glenwood Ave.
This is where you rejoin The Trail (It is known as The Beltline SE Trail at this point).
Mile 15-16
You are at Mile 15.19 when you enter trail again and stay on it.
You can put these directions away for a while if you choose, because you are staying on this track/trail until mile 18.9 which is a major course change
Mile 16-17
Cross Boulevard (also known as Clayton’s Icebox) at Mile 16.4
 Mile 17-18
The Trail takes you past D.H. Stanton Park to your right at Mile 17.15
You will then traverse through Tetanus Tunnel.
You will cross Pryor road at Mile 17.9
There is an Exxon where you can refuel or pit stop if need be.
Just be sure to get back on the trail where you left off.
Mile 18-19
You will continue on and you will go under Interstate 85 at Mile 18
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 3.55.05 PM
At Mile 18.75  go over Metropolitan Parkway.
This is also known as J.D.s Last Stand.
Potential PIT STOP for FOOD, WATER, RESTROOM as there is a Chevron, Subway, etc
Keep going and be looking out for these boards shortly afterwards.
Then there is a Major Course Change shortly after these boards so pay attention.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.30.54 PM
When you see BOARD THE BELTLINE boards, you are getting close to the next turn.
You will then see some tires , make a right to some woods for a hot second then you are into “Angel’s Back Yard”, which is some dirt and other stuff under construction.
Take that dirty and gravel until it ends in a fence at Mile 19.24.
You can easily squeeze past this fence to the right, or you may jump over.
You will see a green and blue gate and YOU ARE AT THE HOME STRETCH!
The large Atlanta Phoenix Structure is there, along with a porta potty.
Mile 19.8ish turn right at the brick wall where you first entered this trail HOURS ago and realize your dreams are coming true!!!
Pass the start line and continue on to the magic picnic table and finish at Mile 20!
Congratulations, you just finished 1 loop of Atlanta.

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