What is the most important thing you want me to know?

This is a 92% self-supported race. We will provide water at the finish and at The HalfWay-ish point.

Other than that, you are 100% responsible for your own well being. Pack LOTS of hydration and nutrition.

What is #runtheatl?

A 14-16ish mile journey around the southwest area of Atlanta

When is this year’s #runtheatl?

Sun. Feb 9th, 2019  8:00am – Check in begins at 7:00am

How do I get to start of the race?/ Where do I park?

Parking entrance is at Monday Night Garage 1003 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310. (note: MNG address is different on some maps, but 1003 White Street is the best entrance to the parking lot)

Pull into the parking lot and park ALLLL the way down to the right by the big mural that says West End.

This is where registration will be.

Nearest bathroom is still Krispy Kreme open at 5:30am at 633 Evans St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310.

Train-You can also take MARTA to West End Station. From there, you can walk .5 miles to the Registration/Info area.

Get Dropped Off- Use Lyft or Uber to bring you.

What if I can’t finish and want to drop out?

You can drop out at any time. Please report back to event organizers to let them know that you are a DNF. We suggest taking a Lyft or Uber back. Or, have Lyft take you to the nearest MARTA station, then take MARTA to West End Station. From there you can walk back to the finish area behind Monday Night Garage.

Will I be timed?

You will receive a race number. You will NOT receive a timing chip. We will start the “official event clock” at the start of the event. We will mark your finisher time down when you complete the course.

Will there be water, snacks, bathrooms, fuel of any kind?

As stated before, this is a 92% self supported race.

We may highlight some areas along the route that are suggested stops. However, we are in not in relationship with those places, and do not guarantee if they are open, if they will serve disgustingly sweaty runners, etc. It’s a big city. You are big people. Do your best to get what you need to survive and thrive.

Will I get a shirt, a medal, or any other prizes?

As a finisher, you will receive a “one of a kind finisher token of blingness”. We may end up giving prizes for top finisher or finishers, but nothing guaranteed for now.

Important Suggestions 

  • Read directions AHEAD of where you are going. Don’t just read what’s next. Read the next 2-3 things ahead, it will make your journey easier.
  • Be respectful EVERYWHERE you go. We are guests of our fair city. You will come across all kinds of people, homes, businesses, etc. Act as a good guest as you would in someone’s home. Be polite and take all trash with you.
  • Shoes: You will be on street, dirt, railroad tracks, rocks, and gravel. One pair of your favorite light trail shoes should do it. You will NOT need a shoe with large lugs, as mud is minimal.
  • Bring a fully charged phone with Mophie (or other battery) backup.
  • Bring cash, debit cards and/or other forms of barter. This is for acquiring additional nutrition and hydration along your way on the course.
  • Using Google Map function on your phone will be essential on race day in helping find landmarks and points to cross reference on the along the way.
  • Print the course route as a back up. Your phone may go dead or you may not have internet access.
  • Run with a buddy, two heads can be better than one to keep you on course. Also, if you run with a buddy, one can keep phone off until first phone runs out of battery. Then have a fresh phone when the first runs out.
  • DO NOT PUT ON HEADPHONES. You will need to pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Be aware of other people, cars trains, etc.
  • Carry enough nutrition and liquid that can carry you through long stretches on a hot day.
  • Download the Lyft and Uber application to your phone. These services are cheaper than a taxi and can be ordered from almost anywhere in Atlanta. You can use Lyft or Uber to pick you up if you decide to leave the race at any time. Just make your way to an actual street somewhere. The link provided actually has free rides attached to it if are a new customer.
  • Call 911 if you are hurt or have any kind of emergency.
  • If you are going to DNF for any reason, please come back to the start, turn in your bib, and let us know.
  • This is not a Peachtree Road Race qualifier or a Boston Marathon qualifier.

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