Marathon Distance (26ish Mile) Option

First things first.

You need to read the Event Director Notes and FAQ to get a general idea what this race is all about.

There will far less train tracks than the summer version. There will also be no Double Tunnels and should not include train dodges of any kind. This is good news for some, bad news for others.

Course Directions

Mile 0-1

Start Line.

Start Line

Head up the driveway and onto some dirt leading you onto the trail.


The trail opens up after you pass a building, take a right.

You will see The Rat Tunnel right before Mile 1.

Run the ATL Rat Tunnel

Mile 1-2

Just after Rat Tunnel is where the Muddy Section begins If it has not rained in most recent 4 days, it will look like this (or better) and is much more doable.  If it has rained any time in the 3 days prior to the race, it will be much messier.

Muddy Section

Keep going, and you’ll come across this groovy new section.

New Landscaping

Could continue to be muddy for a spell, depending on rain.

Muddy ATL

Keep running…

You are going to be approaching what will eventually be a bridge that goes over Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. You need to touch this wall and turn around.

Since MLK day is the day after this race, we request you take a moment when you touch it and think about anyone that has made sacrifices in the name of civil or human rights.

This is just after Mile 2

Winter ATL Bridge

Mile 2-3 and Mile 3-4 are going back the way you just came.

Mile 4-5 

At 4.35 you are approaching where you started on the trail. Keep on going past it, traveling Southeast.


Take this all the way to Allene Ave. The fiery Atlanta phoenix rising from the ashes will be on your right.

Mile 5-6

Cross the street, climb the fence and continue onto the dirt trail. If you use the “sides” of the fence, there is a bar in the middle to stand on.

(Not a fence jumper? Go right when you are facing the fence, go right down Allene Ave. It will end at Couer D’Allene Studio Lofts. Go left onto the train tracks, now you are back on course)

ATL Fence

You are now running through “Angel’s Backyard”, a big open dirt section of the trail.

At 5.85, the dirt section will end, step over the black strips and onto a short woodsy section.

At 5.93 the woodsy section opens up onto some railroad tracks.


Mile 6-7

At 6.1, you will pass “J.D.s Last Stand” crossing over Metropolitan. There is a Chevron and other places to stop if you need refueling.

At 6.97, more refueling options, you could get off on Pryor road, as there is an Exxon

Mile 7-8

At 7.3, you will approach the Tunnel To Tarabithia. (If you get that computer in the photo to work, we’ll take a 30 minutes off your finish time)

Tunnel to....

Cross Milton Road at 7.5

Cross Hill Street at 8.

Mile 8-9

You will pass “Clayton’s Icebox” at Boulevard at 8.5

Mile 9-10

As you approach Mile 10, you will see downtown Glenwood



There will either be humans there to give you some water, or there will be some jugs of water tucked away with red flags in the general vicinity to where they are.

Mile 10-11

Run through downtown Glenwood across I-20 on Bill Kennedy Way. Take this all the way to Harper Station where you will cross Memorial drive.

Harper Station

You are now back on some running trail. Keep going…

At 10.65 you will see this groovy strong man. (the one behind Clayton)

Strong Man

Take this until…you are looking at The Reynoldstown Mural and a sign next to you that will say Stein Steel at 10.7

Mile 11-12

Go Left on when you see that sign onto Wylie. Go Right on Estoria under The Krog Tunnel at 11.15

Then Left on Dekalb Avenue as soon as The Tunnel ends at 11.25

You will then go Right on Airline Street at 11.4 and an IMMEDIATE RIGHT you are now back on some gravel trail again.

Gravel again

You will approach Lake/Irwin street. Icebox will be on your right at 11.75.
Going forward (north) here will continue onto the paved trail.
If you instead go right, you can go into the Krog Street Market, otherwise known as The HipsterApocalypse.
You can stop for food, ale, water, bathrooms there. It may be expensive though. Those hipster logos below are but a few of the establishments you will find in the Krog Street Market.
Hipster Apocalypse
Mile 12-13
Continue on and there is a Kroger to your right, This is the famous “Murder Kroger”.
They will be replacing it with some fancy schmancy building in the near future. Anyhow, in the meantime, you could also treat as a pit stop.
Mile 13-14
A little after Mile 13 is Ponce City Market on your left. Another potential pit stop.
Run the atl pit stop
Take paved trail until it ends on Monroe.
Across the street are these two sculptures at 13.75. Head towards them onto a dirt/gravel trail. (Keep Park Tavern on your left)

Run The Atl near Piedmont Park

 Keep along the trail and Piedmont Park is to your left.
Mile 14-15
Amsterdam shopping center on your right and is another potential pit stop.
Continue and and gravel will end and you will staring at the Blue Gates at Mile 14.55
Ansley Mall Loop
Turn right to go all the way around the Ansley Mall Paved Loop. It’s pretty.
Exit the loop at at Mile 14.95
You will now bear right to continue on the path you were on past the blue gate. (Away from Piedmont Park where you just came from)
(Below photo shows you how)
Go Around
Run under Piedmont Avenue and continue on the old tracks.
Run The Atl tracks
You will pass Ansley Golf Course on your left.
You will run past the no trespassing sign at Mile 15.55
Continue and you will go run over traffic on the Spring Buford Connector.
Just past that is this wall pictured below; which is your turnaround point.
Run the atl turnaround
Touch this wall and turnaround at 16.1.
When you touch the wall, yell  “Woo Hoo ATL, time to head back!” Your finish time will not count if you skip this important step.
The hardest part is now over as you now just reverse your course all the way back the way you came.
(You do not need to do the Ansley Mall Paved Loop again-unless you really want to)
When you get back to where the you started this morning on that familiar dirt, bang a right to head back towards the start line.

Touch the magic picnic table and you are done!

The Magic Table

Total Distance: 26-28 miles.

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